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5 Reasons why your kitchen needs the Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board

After you read this article, you will know exactly why buying the Joseph Joseph chopping board is the best decision you could make

The chopping board – a simple yet necessary part of any kitchen utensil collection. In the early days, chopping boards were made from slabs of soft wood and would be used to cut raw meat on. Wooden boards were seen as more durable and was also believed to eliminate bacteria given its antiseptic characteristics.                                                                 Fast forward to today, and there are literally hundreds of chopping boards out there to pick from, wooden, plastic, rubber and even marble. One of the most popular chopping boards today is the Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board –  known as a “smart” chopping board, here are 5 Reasons why your kitchen needs a Joseph Joseph Chopping Board!

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1. Avoid Cross Contamination – It is a known fact that surfaces such as chopping boards are key players when it comes to transmitting bacteria and allergens around the kitchen. The Joseph Joseph Chopping boards tackles this perfectly by having a set of 4, colour coded non slip chopping boards, whilst this may seem a simple method, you can avoid cross contaminating food by using a separate board for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and cooked food.

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2. Specialised Cutting Features – Each board comes with specialised features to support you when cutting products for example; a “juice catching” grove on the red meat board or and integrated fish-grip on the blue seafood board.

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3. Index Style Tabs –  Easily pick the board you want to use with index style tabs illustrating the type of food to chop, never mix them up!

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4. Storage Case – Keep your kitchen nice and tidy, store these boards away neatly in the Storage Case. This will definitely get people talking!

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5. 40% OFF – Get 40% OFF the Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board! Not for long though, be quick!

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