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Ebay – VonShef Electric 16 Egg Boiler Steamer Poacher Cooker Omlette Maker 48% OFF!!

This will make cooking breakfast so much easier!


Breakfast, is certainly the most important meal of your day..but who has time in the morning to wait for Eggs to cook? Well, here is a quick and hassle free way to cook eggs to perfection!


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Hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, in an omelette; however you like your eggs, this must-have appliance has it covered.

Designed with the egg lover in mind, the versatile VonShef Egg Boiler comes with two shelves with room to cook up to 16 eggs at once. Great for cooking large breakfasts or meals for all the family. If you prefer, you can remove one of the shelves to turn the appliance into a one tier egg boiler with an eight egg capacity.
Fancy a change from boiled? Use the bowl provided to create perfectly poached eggs and scrumptious omelettes in an instant.
The Egg Boiler automatically cooks your eggs just how you like them according to the amount of water used – guidelines and a measuring cup are included. The cup comes with a built in egg piercer to stop eggs from cracking.
As the egg boiler switches off automatically once cooking is complete, you can leave the appliance to its own devices without worrying about a pan boiling over.

Equipped with overheat protection for safer use and your peace of mind.

Made from stainless steel and Non-BPA plastic components, an ultra-safe material for food and drink consumption, so you can enjoy delicious eggs without worrying about food safety.

Contemporary silver/ black design with power indicator light.
Specification: Power: 500W, Size: 35.6 x 33.6 x 12.4cm,  Weight: 1kg, Material: Stainless steel/ plastic. Free Extended 2 Year Warranty – Registration Required. *Terms and Conditions apply
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