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It was estimated, that in 2017 alone, there would be 1.2 trillion digital photos taken globally; WOW that is a staggering amount of photos and averages to about 171 photos per person on this earth, most likely though – you’ll have taken more than 171 photos last year, to remind yourself of that dream holiday, the perfect wedding, your child’s first steps or some beautiful architecture in a picturesque location. Then, once we have all these beautiful memories captured on our camera/smartphone – they’re stored away and in most cases, we (ironically) completely forget about these “unforgettable” photos! 

Old Photos

Well, not anymore – we can share photos on social media for all to see and as a reminder for you. More excitingly, you can print the best of them to a shiny and well finished canvas and hang them up on your wall as a way to relive your most favorite moments more frequently. So, that wedding portrait, the sandy beach shot, the first steps – they’re no longer just stored with the other hundreds of photos you have. 

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